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Important notice: CPEC investments website (https://cpecinvestments.co.uk/) client (hereinafter collectively referred to as “CPEC investments platform” or “this platform”) owners and their affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “CPEC investments”) are here We especially remind you to read carefully (Their legal guardians should accompany minors to read) the terms of this “CPEC investments Terms of Service” (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”), the terms in bold and underlined, Including but not limited to clauses exempting or limiting CPEC investments’s liability, clauses restricting user rights, and clauses stipulating dispute resolution and jurisdiction. You have the right to choose to agree or disagree with this agreement.

Both you and CPEC investments shall strictly perform the obligations stipulated in this agreement and its supplementary agreements. In the event of disputes or disputes, both parties can negotiate and resolve them amicably; if the negotiation fails, either party may have jurisdiction over the place where this agreement was signed.

Noun Explanation
Unless otherwise agreed between you and CPEC investments, the following terms in this agreement and its supplementary agreements are interpreted as follows:

1. CPEC Investments Platform: refers to the CPEC investments website client that CPEC investments enjoys all copyrights and is provided to you.

2. Commodity: The collective name of the specific Real estate Listings that the seller recommends to you and sells through this platform.

You further acknowledge that not the slightest bit will CPEC investments be at risk for any harms, misfortunes, or costs including, without constraint, immediate or circuitous, uncommon, accidental, or important harms, misfortunes. Or then again expenses emerging regarding or because of getting to this Website or its utilization thereof. Besides, CPEC investments LLC will not be obligated or answerable for the powerlessness to utilize this Website by any gathering, or to depend on the substance of this Website, or regarding any disappointment of execution, mistake, exclusion, interference, imperfection, deferral, or disappointment in its activity or transmission, PC infection or line or framework disappointment, regardless of whether CPEC investments LLC, or its chiefs, officials, workers, or workers are instructed concerning the chance of such harms, misfortunes or cost. This avoidance proviso will produce results to the furthest reaches allowed by law.