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Dhabeji Special Economic Zone

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone is located in the Thatta area of Sindh and the land was approved by the government of Sindh back in February 2020. The overall project is spread over an area of 1500 acres. The project is being funded by the phase II of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The total worth of the project is $70 billion and it will encourage potential investors from Pakistan, China and other parts of the world. The project will allow businesses to transfer their facilities to Pakistan which will open new jobs and ensure economic boost.

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone Location with Nearby Areas

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone enjoys a very advantageous location which has a direct access to Port Qasim (25km). In addition, Karachi Airport is just at the distance of 35km whereas Karachi City is 50km away. The zone is located just 0.5m from the National Highway and M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad road is just 35km. The close proximity of the project with highways enables goods transportation saving cost and time. The National Highway connects the zone with northern areas of Pakistan as well as Central Asian Countries.

Benefits of Dhabeji Special Economic Zone Investment

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone is being developed under public private partnership. The project will open around 50,000 new job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor. The project offers incomparable incentives. The best part about the project is that one time custom duties exemption would be given on goods that will be imported from other countries by the investors and industrialists. There will be no taxation on the incomes of the workers involved in the development of the project. The agreement of no taxes and exemption will be for the period of 5 years starting from the date of signing.

Also, exemption would be given on custom duties of the import of capital goods for the installation. In addition to that there will be income tax exemption to the enterprises for the next 10 years starting development from 30-06-2030. Furthermore, 5 years duty exemption and tax invasion would be given to the business starting thereafter.

Significance of Dhabeji Special Economic Zone

Due to its ideal geographical and strategic location, the project holds significant importance. As the Port Qasim is in the proximity of this economic zone so it enables import of raw goods conveniently incurring land transportation which saves cost and time. Also, the easy access to the Karachi Airport will allow foreign workers and management individuals to access the zone with ease. Furthermore, the direct access of Dhabeji Economic Zone to National Highway enables transportation to the central Asian countries utilizing National Trade Corridor.

Facilities Offered

There are various initiatives that have been taken in the Dhajbeji Special Economic Zone for the development and provision of facilities in the area. The 8km road that connects Dhabeji Economic Zone with Port Qasim is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. In addition, a dedicated water pipeline is approved by the provincial assembly that, upon completion, will ensure 10 million gallons of water per day. A 11kv grid station is also under its way to completion by the end of 2023 which will provide 250 MWs electricity at the doorstep. A dedicated Sui Gas pipeline is also being constructed that will ensure gas supply of 15 MMCFD.

To make the project accessible to all the important destinations, dedicated cargo deck connecting the zone with ML-1 from Dhabeji Junction has also been envisaged.

Investor Contact Detail

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