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Location: Kohe Batil- Gwadar

Type: Residential & Commercial Plots

Total Area 2500 Acres

Singhar Housing Scheme

Singhar housing Scheme Gwadar is situated on one of the most prime locations in Gwadar, the top of Koh-e-Batil which is commonly known as Hammerhead. The Sangar Housing Scheme was started back in 90s by the locals until it the land was reclaimed by the Government of Pakistan under CPEC project. Now some part of the land is handed over to the Pakistan Navy while the rest of the area is dedicated for Sangar Housing Scheme. The PC Gwadar is also located in the area.

Sangar Housing Society Gwadar Area Attractions

The housing scheme is a dream place to live due to the beauty and mesmerizing views it offers. The Sangar Housing Scheme is surrounded by water on the three sides and the fourth side is connected to the land. The Koh-e-Batil Hill comprises of land made up of a mix of sand and rocks. The fascinating site of Sangar Housing Project has attracted the masses for investments. The third deepest sea port of Pakistan, Gwadar port is located in the neighborhood of Singhar Housing Scheme.

About Project Developers

Sangar Development Project covers a total area of 3000 Acres. is being sponsored by the Government of Pakistan under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner Gwadar and consultant group. 80% of the project has been completed and the rest of the work will be completed in the near future. The developers of the Singhar Society project have designed it with full spectrum of planning which includes both residential and commercial sector.


The Sangar Housing Scheme comprises of residential, commercial and resort sectors. It houses very prime tourist spots including golden sand beach and grey sand beach. People from all over Pakistan come to this amazing spot of hammerhead to enjoy breathtaking views. The scheme also includes sunset and fishing spots that is going to provide an amazing leisure activity to the residents. The Pearl Continental Hotel is also being constructed under this scheme which will attract people from all over the world.

Amazing location, beautiful infrastructure and mesmerizing views are the characteristics of this place.

Some of the other features are dedicated parks for Eid gatherings, rest houses and parks. It also includes:

  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Wide roads and Green Belts
  • Construction of water Fonts
  • Safe Drinking water Plants
  • Football Ground and Guest Lodges.

Infrastructure and Sangar Housing Phases

Sangar Housing Scheme consist of 5 phases. Phase 1 to 3 are a mix of residential and commercial places while phase 4 is completely dedicated to the commercial spots. The commercial spots are limited to 4 floors. The main roads that leads to the phases is 132 feet which goes along the sea side. The main avenues, which connect the phases with each other are 66 feet while the inner streets are 33 feet.

Singhar housing scheme prices Comparison among the phases

Phase 1

1 kanal: 40 to 45 Lac

24 Marla: 45 to 55 Lac

2 Kanal: 65 to 80 Lac

Phase 2

1 kanal: 26 Lac

24 Marla: 30 Lac

2 kanal: 50 to 55 Lac

Phase 3

1 Kanal: 28 to 30 Lac

24 Marla: 30 to 35 Lac

2 Kanal: 50 to 60 Lac

Phase 4 (commercial)

2 kanal: 180 to 250 Lac

4 kanal: 325 to 450 Lac

1 Acre: 500 Lac

2 Acre: 1000 Lac

3 Acre: 1500 Lac

5 Acre: 2500 Lac

Phase 5

1 kanal: 18 to 22 Lac

24 Marla: 22 to 26 Lac

2 Kanal: 26 to 34 Lac

Real Estate Investor Remarks

The project of Sangar Housing Scheme is the best place to make an investment in Gwadar housing schemes as the area is soon going to be fully populated pertaining to the pace at which Gwadar is being progressing. The area is under the prime focus of government of Pakistan and it will become a commercial hub in the coming future. So, your investment in the project is fully secure and you can definitely contact CPEC Investments for further queries and details regarding the project, pricing or booking.

Project Amenities

Treatment Plant singhar-housing-scheme
Sewage Treatment Plant
Golf1 singhar-housing-scheme
Golf Course
Mosque singhar-housing-scheme





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