Cpec Investments

Pak China Friendship GDA Hospital Gwadar


Gwadar district, Balochistan

Estimated Cost 100 Million US $

Total Land : 68Acres

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has opened doors for international investors and trade. Where the project has attracted international investment, it has also been benefiting the locals through residential communities, an international airport, job openings, transportation means and much more. Just like CPEC has blessed Pakistan with many international-level projects, the Pak China Friendship GDA Hospital Gwadar is just another joint venture highlighting Pak-China friendship which will also provide the health facilities to the locals of Gwadar.

The foundation of multi-million dollar 150-bed Pak China Friendship Hospital Gwadar was laid in December 2019. It is not just a hospital that will facilitate the people of Balochistan with international standard medical facilities but also it will offer technical and vocational training. The two-year project has been funded by China under CPEC and it has provided PKR 5 billion for the hospital and PKR 2 billion for the Technical and Vocational Training Institute.

Gwadar Hospital Developers

The Hospital of Gwadar is being supervised by the ministry of planning and development of Balochistan and Reforms Commission. The upgrading of the existing hospital i.e. the phase II of the hospital will be implemented under Gwadar Development Authority’s Business Plan. 

Features of the Gwadar Hospital

The Pak China Friendship Gwadar Hospital and training center is initially set to house 100 beds while the project will later upgrade to 150 and then 300 beds. The hospital covers an area of 68 acres of land. There are six blocks in the entire hospital out of which each block will contain 50 beds. The hospital will provide health facilities to the officials and workers associated with the development of Gwadar. Such a massive and state-of-the-art hospital is definitely a gift for the locals of Gwadar

Also, the 20% of the hospital area is dedicated for the nursing and paramedical institutes, central laboratory. Advanced machinery and medical equipment is ensured within the project and allied facilities are also being provided.

Benefits Associated with the Gwadar Hospital Project

Health facilities are the basic need of any new establishment of community that is newly built.   

This Pak China Friendship Hospital in Gwadar will offer a basic to advance health facilities which will ensure prosperity in the region. The best part about this health facility is its associated training center that will provide an opportunity to the locals to excel in the medical field. Thus, the hospital will not only be providing health facilities but also, it will open the horizons for skilled manpower, create new job opportunities and great prosperity for the locals.

Aim of the Project

The Pak China Friendship Gwadar Hospital and training center is being developed to facilitate the locals as well as attract the outsiders to start a career or residence in Gwadar. The aim of the project is to provide state-of-the-art health facilities to everyone associated with Gwadar. The 100 million dollar hospital will open new horizons of trade in the Gwadar Port.

This project is one of its own kinds of hospital in Pakistan it will welcome people from all over the Pakistan and overseas to make investment. Thus, you can also get your residential plot booked in any of the housing schemes in Gwadar.




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