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Location: Makran Coastal Highway

Refinery And Petrochemical Industries.

Total Area 80,000 Acre

Oil City Gwadar Project

Oil City Gwadar is a mega city constructed under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The project is spread over an area of 80000 acres while the cost on the project is around Rs10 billion. The main aim of the project is to host Saudi Arabia’s 10 billion Aramco oil refinery and use it as a platform to refine oil imported from the Gulf countries. The refined oil will be taken to China through CPEC. The development in the oil City Gwadar is to facilitate large-scale oil processing along with various petroleum products.

Significance of the Old City Gwadar

The deal under which oil city Gwadar is being constructed will bring a massive economic development in the area. The deal will cover the refinery and conversion of Petroleum products, mineral energy, petrochemicals, Food and Agriculture products.

After the development of many energy projects in the port city Gwadar, the entire rejoinis on a Fast Track to become the next economic hub of Pakistan with many different real estate projects and a number of infrastructure development projects. Now with the establishment of this Mega oil City the region, it will definitely prosper and become the reason for the empowerment of locals.

Refinery Project Gwadar Aramco details

As mentioned earlier, the Gwadar Oil City will cover an area of 80000 acres. The project is located at a prime location near the coastal highway.

The Aramco oil refinery will have the capacity of 2 lac to 3 lac barrel oil. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2025. Petrochemical Complex will cost 1 billion rupees which will manufacture polythene and polypropylene to put a base of petrochemical industry in Pakistan. In this way with the completion of this project Pakistan would not be importing petroleum products from anywhere in the world rather they will be produced within Pakistan in the port city. With the completion of this mega project the price of petrol and other petroleum products in Pakistan is are likely to decline.

The Mega Oil City is the biggest project oil refinery in the history of Pakistan. With this projet, Pakistan would be able to store its energy resources which will be beneficial for the economic development of Pakistan.

Reasons to Invest in Oil City Gwadar

Gwadar is expected to become the next Dubai. People are shocked by the overnight development of infrastructure in Gwadar. It is due to the ports natural environment for industrialization and trade. The natural port of Gwadar is a blessing for Pakistan. With the development of this mega Oil city in Gwadar the investors are showing keen interest in the real estate opportunities in the port city. There are many different properties that are already e being developed are becoming expensive day by day. For investors who want to be the part of the beautiful future and economic development of Gwadar, the Oil city Gwadar and the along with the industrial zone are the best places to make a secure investment.

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