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Mirpur Industrial Zone – New Mirpur City

Under the gigantic projects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Mirpur Industrial Zone has been launched in the district of Azad and Jammu Kashmir (AJK).Mirpur is one of the most significant cities of AJK with nearest airport in Muzaffarabad, railway station and connectivity with other parts of the country including the seaport. The Mirpur Industrial Zone is spread over an area of 9500 kanals and the total cost of the project is Rs. 183 million. The project is made feasible for mix industry and it is 122 km from the new Islamabad international Airport.

Significance of Mirpur Industrial Zone

Mirpur Industrial Zone has the latest infrastructure and modern age facilities. The special economic zone in Mirpur will be primarily focusing exports of goods such as textile garments. The government will be specifically focusing on the development of projects such as;

  • Small & Cottage Industries
  • Medium and large Industries
  • Mineral and Forest based Industries
  • Hydel Projects
  • Tourism Potential

Being in the proximity of Pakistani market, the industrial zone in Mirpur is ideal for the medium to large scale industries. Also, it will be able to deliver products to the Northern areas of Pakistan which will promote the tourism industry. The Special Economic Zone of Mirpur is the only one of its kind in the area focused on information and communication technologies (ICT).  With the putting into operation of this enclosure it is intended to develop the trade of the region, as well as to promote the social economy with local producers to strengthen their chain.

Investment Opportunities

There is a great investment opportunity for the businessmen around the world. It will not only attract the local investors but also, it will captivate the interest of foreign traders. With this, without a doubt, a great business and investment potential opens up for the local private initiative due to all the benefits that settling in this area will bring, and definitely also for the real estate sector with an opportunity for investors.

Also, benefits such as tax exemptions will be offered for the industrialists that will encourage them to set up their projects in the area. The initiative seeks to generate privileged spaces for economic growth.

How to get in touch with such?

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