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Marine Drive Gwadar


Location: Coastal District Of The City

Type : High Rise Commercial Plots

Plots Size 1000 yards to 2 Acres and more.

Marine Drive Gwadar Commercial and Residential Land

The Gwadar port is becoming the most significant and demanding property investment Hotspot in Pakistan. It is due to the development in the region and the fact that the natural sea port of Gwadar has attracted International investment. The development of infrastructure and economic zones are in the full swing and one of the noteworthy projects in Gwadar is the Marine Drive Gwadar.

Marine Drive Gwadar is also popularly known as Blue Water beach residence. The project is near to its completion and features a state-of-the-art infrastructure which promotes luxurious lifestyle. It is one of the most beautiful and grand scale projects in the port city. The investment opportunity in this beautiful zone is not meant to be missed.


Marine Drive a best housing project Gwadar is situated at the most significant location of the city which is crucial business district. Marine Drive Gwadar map is being constructed as a major scale project situated in the commercial district of the port city. The two way road of Marine Drive is 26 kilometers long. The multiple lanes of the Marine Drive Road allow a convenient traffic flow in the business center of Gwadar.

The route of Marine Drive shortens the distance between Gwadar airport and city’s financial hub. This is the best part about the Marine Drive; people can travel to the financial hub of the city within minutes rather than hours. Hence the Marine Drive residential project is definitely one of the most crucial under CPEC.

As suggested by the name, Marine Drive stretches along the beautiful beach which is also famous for its blue waters. The magnificent and scenic views on the beach will definitely make you fall in love with the place. Makran coastal highway will take you to the Marine Drive while it will take 8 hours from Karachi.

Significance of Marine Drive Gwadar

If you have a look on at the aerial view of the Marine drive apartments Karachi, it is so fascinating. The majestic views of the Marine drive have captured attention from all over Pakistan. Upon the completion of a major part of the project, people are showing more interest. Marine Drive is a high profile project that has potential to grow rapidly. The best part about the region is that it is pollution free and you can live a peaceful life near the most beautiful beach in Pakistan.

Investment opportunities for Marine Drive

The price of the plots on the Marine Drive has been already declared by the Gwadar Development Authority.

The price of plots depends upon the area covered. The average price of the plots in Marine Drive are between;1 crore to 4 crore

Why invest in Marine Drive Gwadar?

The economic zone ultra-modern housing project on Marine Drive will be the home to the most beautiful apartments, resorts, town houses and high rise complexes. It is because, the area is of core importance in Gwadar Master Plan 2019. It has international recognition and people in Pakistan are already very keen for investing in the project.

Currently, the average price of plots, ranges from PKR 1.5 crore to 4 crore. However, these prices are expected to rise as the project nears its completion.

So, don’t delay contacting us if you want to invest in the most prestigious location in the Gwadar city, Marine Drive Gwadar.