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Gwadar Smart Port City


Western Pakistan Biggest Port

Huge Economic Growth

Rapid Population and Employment Growth

Port cities have always been a beating heart of a country’s economy. Today, the speed and expansion of Port cities of the world is astonishing. More and more governments are investing on Port cities including Gwadar Smart Port City to strengthen their economies.

Gwadar is one of those port cities of the world situated in Baluchistan that has contributed to the Pakistan’s economy in an unmatched way. It has been drawing people’s attention due to the mesmerizing beaches and most importantly because of its highly conscious urban planning model developed under CPEC.

Gwadar Smart City Location and Area

The Gwadar Smart Port City is located in Gwadar having an area of 1193 square km. Gwadar Smart Port City is one such significant hotspot of the region that is going to transform the economy of the countries benefiting from it. It is one of the most prestigious locations in Pakistan and a gateway to Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea.

The Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan

The Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan emerges as the time requires. It is a long urban development project for the next 30 years. With an aim to reach its final potential in till 2050, the Gwadar Port Smart City Master Plan is expecting to accommodate more than 200 million people to make a safe, green, prosperous and environment-friendly Gwadar.

Features of the New Gwadar Smart Port City

As the New Gwadar Port City is “Smart”, the city will provide unmatched smart services to its residents such as; E-services, Transport systems, Smart Traffic Management, Health Cards, Water Level Management and E-electricity. The Smart city will feature automated facilities featuring the best artificial intelligence and it will ensure an efficient use of the resources. The quality of the life that the city will provided will be full of economic benefits as well as luxurious.

The Gwadar Port City directed three orientations;

  • A National Gateway that integrates policy innovation, environment friendliness, convenient transportation and smooth trades.
  • A New Regional Engine that influences and drives the development of Southwestern Pakistan.
  • A Smart Port City that leads city’s construction with operation and Information Technology.

There will be seven corridors linking the cost to the urban area of the city. The city will be divided into 11 functional zones that follows Easter production and Western lifestyle. The seven boards will eventually form a modern coastal characteristic city with a 350 sq km including one line, three centers, seven corridors, and 11 functional zones.

What Will be Offered in Gwadar Smart Port City?

Gwadar is going to become an economic hub of not only Pakistan but the entire South Asian Region. As the city will influx technological, high-tech and industrial service hub, it is likely to host the most skilled workers and high-powered executives. According to the latest reports, the Gwadar smart port city is likely to create almost 1.2 million new job opportunities.

The master plan of Gwadar Smart Port City will be offering world class exhibition centers, theme parks, lush green gardens, blissful and luxurious hotels, 5 star resorts. In addition, the city will have Museums and shopping centers thriving in a modern city which will be weapon free.


The City will boast a strong security system that will be completely smart in its functioning. With the help of security mechanism through a network of CCTV, vehicle management and alarm networks, a high level of security will be provided.

The education in the sector will be given a top priority. Pertaining to offer a quality education in the city, an education center and University City have been added into the plan. The international standards of education will be ensured in the University City that will mainly focus on the subjects related to technology and medicine.

In addition, this Gwadar housing scheme will have its own distillation plants which will ensure the supply of clean drinking water. It is a modern city with every modern day facility being provided that is making Gwadar a special economic district in Pakistan. The city is expected to generate 4000 megawatts of electricity which will fulfill the city’s requirements in the future.

Investment Opportunities

There is no better time than this to make an investment in the property in Gwadar Smart City Project. The city is offering numerous residential sectors and housing schemes including commercial zones to anyone. Today’s investment in Gwadar Smart Port City will definitely pay off in the coming future when the demand of property in Gwadar will be higher than today.




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