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Marine Drive is a Unique Attraction in Gwadar

Marine drive is one of the places that capture people’s attention. These sights are incredibly beautiful with mesmerizing scenery. That is why most hotels and resorts on marine drives are expensive. People are always excited about the trips to marine drives due to the unconditional tranquility. It is always one of the favorite places around the world. A large influx of people travels to such places and spend leisure time soaking the warmth of the place. Not only marine drives are beautiful but also, they offer bustling activities for the locals and the travelers.

One such marine drive is there in the industrial Gwadar port city of Baluchistan. Gwadar marine drive is the most attractive sight of the region; it is due to the unmatched blue water of the Arabian Sea and luxurious motels and resorts on the Marine Drive.

Significance of Marine Drive

Along with many other beautiful attractions in Gwadar including KundMalir Beach, Hingol National Park, Princess of Hope, Omara Beach, etc. the Marine Drive has its own charm. In the night time, the view of Marine drive in the Gwadar City becomes even breathtaking. The stunning views of Marine Drive attract people from all the corners of the country. The societies that are being established on Marine Drive Gwadar are one of the most expensive of the area but worth it due to the significance of the area. It is like a dream come true when one has a residence on the coolest marine drive in the region. You will forget about all of your problems after hearing the sea waves crashing on the rocks and the cool breeze rustling through your cheeks.

Projects on Marine Drive

Marine drive in the Gwadar Port City is a 34 KM long double road on the West Bay Side. The East Bay Side is not open for the Public as it is used as a port. However, the West Bay Area of the Gwadar is one of the most beautiful natural beaches of the world. The development work is continued since 2019. At one side of the road there is Arabian Sea while on the other side there are housing projects which are a part of Gwadar Master City Plan 2019.

The housing and commercial areas on the Marine Drive are divided in two categories; the existing area which includes old societies and the newly developed area including projects like Singhar Housing Project. The Pearl Continental hotel is also situated on this road. Palm trees on the green belt enhance the charm of the drive and offer a beautiful view.

Why Marine Drive?

Marine drive in the Gwadar city, is the most beautiful sight of the area. It not only attracts Pakistanis from around the corner but it is also a center of attraction for people around the globe. The people who are looking to invest in a residential community in Gwadar definitely consider Marine Drive as an option. It is due to the unmatched beauty and value of the area.
Moreover, living in the most luxurious and in demand place of Gwadar would definitely create a world of your dreams. It is an opportunity to make your own piece of paradise. There are many projects and Gwadar housing schemes being launched in the area under the

Gwadar Master Plan

Gwadar is definitely the future of Pakistan with a lot of facilities to the investors such as tax exemptions and it will become the biggest commercial hub of Pakistan in the coming years.

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