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GIEDA Gwadar - Gwadar Industrial Estate


Location: Makran Coastal Highway Gwadar

Type: Industrial & Warehouse Plots

Owned By Balochistan government

GIEDA Gwadar

GIE – Gwadar Industrial Estate

GIEDA Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority is a new Industrial society developed by the government of Balochistan to meet the increased demand of industrial sector in the area. Due to the CPEC, the area is of prime importance for all the investors and Industrialists. The GIE Gwadar Industrial Estate will ensure the establishment of an advanced industrial sector by the development of new Highways linking together Gwadar with Quetta, Iran Karachi and Central Asian country. The plan also has are railway line in the new future.

Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority is one of the most significant and prime features of the Gwadar master plan 2019. It has an organizational structure in order to ensure proper functioning. The traditional organizational structure of Chairman, Secretary of Industries & Commerce etc. will be followed.MD GIEDA, Secretary Finance, Director Industries will also be a part of the structure.

Significance of Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority

Due to the establishment of small and large industries in the area, it is possible that the sector will be used by the Industrialists to convert raw materials into finished goods for the purpose of export. That is why, Gwadar Industrial Estate is one of the most prestigious project by the government of Balochistan. The major area of interest in this state will be import and export. Other sectors will be construction, packaging, shipping, leather garments, textile, warehousing and value-added processing for the conversion of raw materials into finished goods.


Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority is located in the most prestigious area in the Gwadar which is is near to Makran coastal highway. Moreover the area is surrounded by major commercial hubs and lucrative zones that are highly attractive in terms of investment by the Industrialists and international investors. The GIEDA Gwadar Industrial Estate is developed keeping in mind its proximity to all the major areas and attractions in Gwarad such as; coastal highway, New Gwadar International Airport, New Town monument GDA Hospital Gwadar.

GIEDA Community Features

Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority is developed on modern terms and keeping in view the international standards. The total land covered by the Goa Industrial Estate is 2000 acres. Some of the roads are 200 ft to 250 ft wide while the plots that are allocated for the industries are 1,2 and 5 acres.

As the project is designed to attract investors from all over the world, so, International standard guest houses are also being built in Gwadar Industrial Estate. The VIP guest houses are spread over 5000 square yards comprising 4 bedrooms, dining hall, conference room, TV lounge. A 2 acre plot has been separately reserved in the guest houses for greenery and ancillary services. Water distillation plant has also been installed in the project which is imported from Turkey. The electricity is also ensured in the area. A7 acre grid station has been allocated for WAPDA.

GIEDA Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority has been designed to attract visitors from all around the world for the monuments and other attractions have also been constructed under the project. Mega water storage project is also been installed to ensure non-stop water supply in the area.

Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority project is design for all types of industries. The types of industries are:

  • Samll Size Industries
  • Medium Size Industries
  • Noise &Polution Intensive Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Manufaccturing Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Petro Chemical Industries

Other facilities provided in the area include provision of Hospital, Labor Colony, School, Miscellaneous Building, Police Station, Sewage Plant, and parks. Furthermore, following facilities are also being provided;

  • Mosque,
  • Public Building
  • Commercial area
  • Training Centre
  • Expo Centre
  • Conference Centre
  • Civic Centre

Why Invest in Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority?

The Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority has substantial potential to be transformed into one of the most prestigious business and industrial hub of Pakistan. The opportunities in the area are unmatched for the industrialists. Having a sea port in the area will save the cost of transportation to the sea port. Hence, setting up an industry in the area is fruitful in terms of revenue.

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