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Finance Trade & Business Avenue (FTBA)


Location: Express-Bay Highway

Type:Commercial Plots

B & R category in New Master Plan

FTBA Gwadar

Finance Trade Business Avenue is one of the projects of Athar’s Marketing and it is approved by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA). This project is specifically aimed to bring more life to the port city, Gwadar. As suggested by the name, Finance Trade Business Avenue will house all the major commercial zones to the investors and businessmen. It will be offering commercial services that will help boosting the economy of the area by attracting businesses. The types of commercial services being offered in the area will contribute much to the economy of the are making it a perfect economic hub in the near future and the safest investment for the future.

FTBA Gwadar Location

Finance Trade Business Avenue is situated on the old airport road which is 200 ft wide. It is in the heart of Gwadar City near Door Ghetti which is the most viable location for the investors and business owners. The project is designed on modern terms to promote trade and business in the area.

Avenue Features

The infrastructure of the Finance Trade Business Avenue is speculated to be business oriented as the plots are already allocated for some of the major projects in Gwadar such as; Burj Al Gwadar and civic center. Furthermore, plots are designed in such a way that suits commercial shops, warehouses and showrooms. The Finance Trade Business Avenue is a heaven for the investors who want to secure a long-term investment in Gwadar. There are plots oriented for petrol pumps, hotels, luxurious apartment complexes, super markets and factories.

In addition, the recycling plants could also be setup in the area as it is the best place to book commercial plots. Also, the Gwadar Stock Exchange office and Directorate Inspector General Office is likely to be setup in this area. Hence, it is evident that Finance Trade Business Avenue is crucial for a bright economic future of Gwadar.

Plots and Society Services

Finance trade business Avenue Gwadar stands witness to the growth of Gwadar. There are plots ranging from 200 to 500 square yards. In addition Athur’s marketing didn’t miss any details to offer the best security services such as fire-fighting equipment, closed circuit security, cameras customer service and maintenance staff. All of these facilities being provided in finance trade business Avenue are not mean to be missed. Thus, it is the best time to invest in the Finance Trade Business Avenue and get a chance to be a part of the beautiful future of the port city.

Why invest in Finance Trade Business Avenue

As per the pace at which Gwadar is being developed, it is ideal to make an investment in one of the most authentic and promising commercial project in Gwadar. For that, Finance Trade and Business Avenue is the best choice as the development in the area is already in progress and there are high chances that the place becomes the hub for economic growth.

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