There are different projects in which you can invest in CPEC. We offer investments in different public and private sectors. There are also other economic zonal projects which are located in Gwadar and other cities. So there are a lot of opportunities.

Yes, you can buy property through us related to CPEC. There are plots available. These plots serve all purposes like commercial use, residential use and real estate incentives and other open lands. You can also buy homes from us in areas that come under our company.

There are different ways in which you can contact us. You can simply leave your query on our website. But if you wish for a quicker response you can call us or text us on WhatsApp on the number give on our webpage.

Our company has been playing a central role in all of the CPEC investments and development that have been going on. We have working professionals that know everything about the place. Therefore we are a trusted name and you can have safe investments with us.

It is a good idea to invest in CPEC because it is going to be the next big thing in trade and development in the coming years in the entire of Pakistan. There will be huge business opportunities with a lot of development.

Our office is located in Lahore. To be very exact you can see the precise address of our office on our webpage. It is located in Lahore DHA, phase Block H. You can visit us in any working hours for your business ideas or investments.

Under CPEC, Gwadar is being built as an all-purpose city. Many civil works have been done and some are under development. A rough guess will be that all your business investments will be functional in the next few years as the work rate is quite fast.


You can know about the current projects through our website. You can go to the investment opportunities page and see the entire list of all the commercial/industrial projects with their locations and areas.

The exact terms and conditions are yet to be decided. They have been planned by the government of China with the Government of Pakistan but are yet to finalize in a final form and will be updated soon.

Yes, as CPEC is made to be an economic corridor for trade it is mainly a business site with a lot of opportunities. So, yes, it will prove to be a very good investment with assurance of long term profits.