Cpec Investments

Economic Zone

Other Industrial/Commercial Projects In Gwadar

S# Project Name Type Of Scheme Area In (Acre) Location (Mouza) Present Status NOC No.
1 Makkah City Industrial 432 Chib Kalmati Under Process for Restoration 01/04/IND/ GDA
2 Zer Industrial Industrial 250 Sur Bandar NOC Stands Expired 02/04/IND/GDA
3 DA Industrial Scheme No.3 Industrial 280 Sur Bandar Under Process for Restoration 03/05/IND/GDA
4 Industrial and Cargo Village Industrial 220 Durballa Junibi Under Process for Restoration 01/05/CR/IND/GDA (B)
5 Kalmat Industrial zone ndustrial 217 Sur Bandar NOC Stands Expired 04/05/IND/GDA
6 Gwadar Industrial Scheme Industrial 124 Jorkhan NOC Stands Expired 05/05/IND/GDA
7 Gwadar Industrial Scheme Industrial 10 Surbandar NOC Stands Expired 06/05/IND/GDA (Suspended)
8 Dubai City Industrial 80 Darbela Junoobi NOC restored conditionally 07/05/IND/GDA(B)
9 Old Name: Free Zone City New Name: Indus Free Zone Industrial 174.5 Karwat NOC restored conditionally 08/05/IND/GDA(B)
10 New Dubai Heaven Avenue Industrial 10.37 Ziarat Machi NOC Stands Expired 09/05/IND/GDA(B) (Suspended)
11 Exchange city Industrial 34 Karwat NOC Stands Expired 10/05/IND/GDA(B) (Suspended)
12 Gwadar Creek Arena Indus/Com 123 Chib kalmati Under Process for Restoration 01/04/IND/COM/GDA
13 Prince City Industrial 202 Jorkan NOC Stands Expired 11/07/IND/GDA
14 Dream City Gwadar Industrial 8 Chib Kalmati NOC Stands Expired 12/IND/GDA
15 Gwadar Bara Market Industrial 10 Sur Bandar NOC Stands Expired 15/07/IND/GDA
16 Akbar Industrial Park Industrial 54 Shankani Dar NOC restored conditionally 16/16/IND/GDA
17 Sky Zone Industrial Scheme Gwadar Industrial 100 Ziarat Machi Sharqi NOC restored conditionally 15/08/IND/GDA
18 Muscat Center Commercial 31.55 Dhore Ghatti NOC Stands Expired 02/04/Com./GDA
19 Old Name: Subzimandi New Name: Gwadar Sabzi Mandi & Trading Zone Commercial 69 Washin Dhore NOC restored conditionally 01/04/Com/ GDA
20 Finance Trade and Business Avenue Commercial 73 Dhore Ghatti NOC restored conditionally 03/05/Com/GDA
21 China Commercial Complex Commercial 4.5 Surbandar NOC Stands Expired 04/05/Com/GDA(Suspended)
22 Al-Noor Cargo City Commercial 105.51 Shanikani Dar Under Process for Restoration 05/05/Com/GDA
23 China Village Jinnah Avenue Commercial 9.13 Chib Kalmati NOC restored conditionally 06/06/COM/GDA