Gwadar Projects

Reasons to Invest in Gwadar Port City

The Gwadar is situated on the southwest of Baluchistan. It is located on the Sandy land that juts into the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most significant Trade Centre and fishing point. For many decades the main industrial concern of the Gwadar is fish processing factory. Gwadar made the highlights when it came under the Grand China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC). Gwadar port China has been converted into an international sea port under the CPEC. Since then the Gwadar has been an important part of the real estate vocabulary in Pakistan. Most of the work has been done in Gwadar under the Gwadar master plan 2019. There are dozens of housing projects, industrial zones, and commercial spots that have been set up in the area to boost the economy.

Why invest in Gwadar

Gwadar is going to be the next commercial hub of Pakistan in the upcoming era. This economic Frontier of CPEC would definitely be a dream place especially for the businesses and investors. Currently the residential lots and commercial places are quite reasonable but the prices can go high as much as three times in a few years.

Reasons to invest in the Port City

Gwadar Port Pakistan has been transformed into a commercial hub under the mega CPEC project. Here are the reasons for you to invest in the port city.

Secure investment

Gwadar sea port offers protection and security for all kinds of investors and businesses. It is due to the fact that the project is under the Government of Pakistan in collaboration with China. The residents and Businessmen of Gwadar will be in the hands of authorities and specially the Army of Pakistan. Thus there is no security and safety risk for the investors. Anyone who wants to acquire property can feel secure here in the mother. The Government of Pakistan and Army is working together to make the Gwadar more secure.

Endless business opportunities

Gwadar port city is likely to become the next economic hub of Pakistan and expected population by 2 million by 20150. Great opportunities for businesses have been offered with facilities like tax exemption for the first 5 years. That is why the Gwadar port China is going to become the center of financial activities conducted by investors, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors. The endless business opportunities Inka weather I not seen anywhere else in Pakistan

Return on investment

If you invest in any residential or commercial property in Gwadar port city Pakistan today, it will give a superb return on investment. It is due to the fact that the prices of land and Gwadar are likely to increase by double or triple in the next few years. That why the Gwadar is one of the best places in Pakistan in investment point of view full stop once the board of governors become functional the city will become the most expensive.

Tourism Attractions in Gwadar Port City

Gwadar is a natural sea port and there are a lot of natural scenery points. There are many historical and attractive structures in there that enhances its beauty. The tourism companies can also invest in Gwadar.

Thus, Gwadar is the best place from investment’s point of view. You can easily contact companies like CPEC investments to know more details about investment opportunities.

Gwadar Projects

Marine Drive is a Unique Attraction in Gwadar

Marine drive is one of the places that capture people’s attention. These sights are incredibly beautiful with mesmerizing scenery. That is why most hotels and resorts on marine drives are expensive. People are always excited about the trips to marine drives due to the unconditional tranquility. It is always one of the favorite places around the world. A large influx of people travels to such places and spend leisure time soaking the warmth of the place. Not only marine drives are beautiful but also, they offer bustling activities for the locals and the travelers.

One such marine drive is there in the industrial Gwadar port city of Baluchistan. Gwadar marine drive is the most attractive sight of the region; it is due to the unmatched blue water of the Arabian Sea and luxurious motels and resorts on the Marine Drive.

Significance of Marine Drive

Along with many other beautiful attractions in Gwadar including KundMalir Beach, Hingol National Park, Princess of Hope, Omara Beach, etc. the Marine Drive has its own charm. In the night time, the view of Marine drive in the Gwadar City becomes even breathtaking. The stunning views of Marine Drive attract people from all the corners of the country. The societies that are being established on Marine Drive Gwadar are one of the most expensive of the area but worth it due to the significance of the area. It is like a dream come true when one has a residence on the coolest marine drive in the region. You will forget about all of your problems after hearing the sea waves crashing on the rocks and the cool breeze rustling through your cheeks.

Projects on Marine Drive

Marine drive in the Gwadar Port City is a 34 KM long double road on the West Bay Side. The East Bay Side is not open for the Public as it is used as a port. However, the West Bay Area of the Gwadar is one of the most beautiful natural beaches of the world. The development work is continued since 2019. At one side of the road there is Arabian Sea while on the other side there are housing projects which are a part of Gwadar Master City Plan 2019.

The housing and commercial areas on the Marine Drive are divided in two categories; the existing area which includes old societies and the newly developed area including projects like Singhar Housing Project. The Pearl Continental hotel is also situated on this road. Palm trees on the green belt enhance the charm of the drive and offer a beautiful view.

Why Marine Drive?

Marine drive in the Gwadar city, is the most beautiful sight of the area. It not only attracts Pakistanis from around the corner but it is also a center of attraction for people around the globe. The people who are looking to invest in a residential community in Gwadar definitely consider Marine Drive as an option. It is due to the unmatched beauty and value of the area.
Moreover, living in the most luxurious and in demand place of Gwadar would definitely create a world of your dreams. It is an opportunity to make your own piece of paradise. There are many projects and Gwadar housing schemes being launched in the area under the

Gwadar Master Plan

Gwadar is definitely the future of Pakistan with a lot of facilities to the investors such as tax exemptions and it will become the biggest commercial hub of Pakistan in the coming years.

Gwadar Projects

Industrial Park Pakistan Steel Mills Port Qasim

Industrial Park Pakistan Steel Mills port Qasim is ideally located in an industrially very busy area near Karachi. It has a very well developed infrastructure for import and export of semi-finished and finished products from Pakistan to overall the world. Industrial Park port Qasim covers an area of 1500 acres.

The land for industrial Park Steel milk is to be set up under the China Pakistan economic corridor. It is the largest industrial unit in Pakistan. The industrial Park at bin Qasim will boost the industrial activity in Pakistan along with the creation of thousands of job opportunities which will bring up a positive change in the social economic condition of the locals.


Industrial Pakistan Steel Mills port Qasim is situated 15 km from the national highway and 14 kilometers from the railway track and at a distance of 30 kilometers the Chennai International Airport is situated.


Port Qasim has the honor of hosting the largest oil terminal in Pakistan. The other facilities that are being provided on the port are container accommodation, production of liquid chemicals, multipurpose terminal making the business easier along with the availability of water gas electricity telecommunication banking and other facilities that are important for trade with other countries.

Investments are available in the following sectors

  • Steel
  • Pharma
  • Chemical
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Garments etc.
  • Auto & allied
  • Foundry and Fabrication
  • Warehousing & Logistics

Other Benefits

  • 40,000 G water available per day
  • 1 million gallon water can be stored underground within large reservoirs
  • 4MW electricity available through Karachi Electric

Initial Grid capacity of 64MW will be provided

PTCL is providing Telephone Lines with Broadband wireless internet connection

  • Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) will be providing 40 MMCFD Gas expected August 2019

Contracts are approved for the development of infrastructure of the entire Industrial Park Pakistan Steel Mills Port Qasim. Phase II of the infrastructure development work will be completed within 2 years.

Availability of utilities through our one window facility, Railway link from industrial city park to up country.

Others are:

  • Solid Waste Management:
  • Transport Hub
  • Weigh Bridge
  • Vocational Training Center
  • Adequate private security deployed at all location within the zone for efficient security.

Land area reserved for Commercial building to provided office space for Bank, Insurance Office, Post Office, Auditorium, Exhibition Hall, Food Court, Emergency Medicare Facility, Recreational Center etc.

So, if you are looking for investment opportunities in Industrial city Park Pakistan Steel Mills Port Qasim, then CPEC Investment is your ideal place to contact.

Gwadar Projects

Allama Iqbal Industrial City – AIIC

Allama Iqbal Industrial City, Faisalabad is the largest special economic zone (SEZ) under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It is spread well over an area of 3217 acres. The Government of Pakistan has initiated this project under the flagship of CPEC as a major project in the province of Punjab that will enhance the field of industrialization in the region and uplift the commercialization standards. Allama Iqbal Industrial City will definitely transform the life of common Pakistani by bringing up mega shift in the industrial sector opening a lot of job opportunities and generating revenues for Pakistan.

Faisalabad Industrial Estate & Management Company (FIEDMC) is the developing body of this economic zone. The company has a large portfolio. Even in the initial stages of the project, it has attracted many national and international companies to invest in the project. Due to the great potential of Allama Iqbal industrial City to attract foreign investment, the employment opportunities are great and also the project is expected to make large contributions towards export.


The Allama Iqbal industrial city is situated adjacent to M3 industrial City which comprises of many different projects such as textile, Pharmaceuticals, information Technologies, automobile and service complexes. Sahianwala motorway M3 is also situated nearby the project which enhances its proximity to other cities. The road that leads to the industrial city is connected to Faisalabad Sangla Hill Road, Canal Expressway, and Chiniot Road which allows people from these areas to have an easy access.


Industrialization has the potential to generate job opportunities and provide basic facilities to the local people such as access to education and health. The Allama Iqbal industrial City has been developed in a city which is better known as the Manchester of Pakistan; Faisalabad. After the completion of this project a massive transition in terms of industrialization will be observed true. Due to industrial City’s cutting edge facilities that will be provided to foreign and local investors will change the perspective of people regarding the industrialization in the country. According to The Economists the Allama Iqbal in Industrial City SEZ is likely to host investors and businesses all around the world which will boost the economy and create more than 300,000 jobs in the initial phase. The project is feasible for the following types of industries;

  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals
  • Engineering
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Steel
  • Textile

Key Features

Industrialization has definitely the power to change and transform the economy. It flourishes the businesses Andre stablish is the industries data at the point of extinct. In the same way the Allama Iqbal industrial City has been featured with such significant features that will enhance the lifestyle of people full stop the key features of the Allama Iqbal industrial City-FIEDMC are;

  • Supply of gas, water, and electricity
  • Waste Management System to eradicate hazardous waste
  • One-window service center, emergency services, and centralized security systems to further ensure the security and the needs of employees and employers
  • Public transport
  • Commercial places with warehouses and dry ports
  • Water Treatment Plant to ensure the supply of clean water
  • Banks, post offices, petrol pumps, and expo centers to facilitate industries and businesses
  • Labor colonies and skill development centers to facilitate employees and job hunters
  • Restaurants and hospitals within the vicinity

Impact of Allama Iqbal Industrial City, Faislabad

After the implementation of all the plans included in the Allama Iqbal industrial city – China Pakistan, economic boost will be provided. This project will not only bow the seeds of industrialization, but also the standard of living will be enhanced. The project focuses on the increase of industrialization in the region. Not only that economy will be boosted but also the industrial city will ensure the better utilization of resources. There are many such industries in China which are seeking environment in Pakistan. These industrial cities include singhar housing scheme are perfect for environment that China is seeking.

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Gwadar Projects

ICT Model Industrial Zone Islamabad

The development of an information and communications technology (ICT) Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Islamabad has been commenced under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The project covers an area of 200 to 250 acres. The ground breaking ceremony of the ICT Model Industrial Zone has boosted the industrial and investment opportunities in the area.

This Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Islamabad would cater following type of industries:

  • Steel
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemicals
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Light Manufacturing

Significance of ICT Model Industrial Zone

Industrial zones have become a tool to promote economic activities around the world. Most developing countries make use of Special Economic Zones to promote business and investments. The investors and industrialists are given a lot of perks such as tax exemption for a fixed time period during which the business becomes profitable. Currently there are 9 major Special Economic Zones in Pakistan. The number of SEZs will be rising in the upcoming time. Out of all the SEZs, ICT Model Industrial Zone is one of the most significant one due to its strategic location.

The ICT Model Industrial Zone will specifically focus on the information technology sector. It will attract investment in the IT and other relevant sectors. The project is ideal for the entrepreneurs in the IT sector as it will give rise to the IT related products. The project will offer services to pave the way for the exports from all over Pakistan.

In order toexecute this target, the Federal Government of Pakistan has given a go-ahead to an agreement for ICT talent development programme between Huawei Technology Pakistan and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for enhancing IT-linked exports.

Why invest in ICT Model Industrial Zone

The main proposals have focused on promoting IT based industrialization, which respects and protects the environment, taking advantage of installed capacity and promoting the integration of productive chains, creation of formal jobs, insertion of innovation processes and local learning.

Increased industrial production is crucial for CPEC economic growth and the rise in the level of well-being of the people in both developing and industrialized countries. And on the reduction of the cost in industrial production and the assurance of specialization, acquiring industrial production through developed infrastructure services in some areas contributes positively to the increase in production. Thanks to organized ICT Model industrial zone, built in three Islamabad, several steps were taken to increase the share of industrial production in the Pakistani economy and to secure more jobs.

Gwadar Projects

Mirpur Industrial Zone – New Mirpur City

Under the gigantic projects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Mirpur Industrial Zone has been launched in the district of Azad and Jammu Kashmir (AJK).Mirpur is one of the most significant cities of AJK with nearest airport in Muzaffarabad, railway station and connectivity with other parts of the country including the seaport. The Mirpur Industrial Zone is spread over an area of 9500 kanals and the total cost of the project is Rs. 183 million. The project is made feasible for mix industry and it is 122 km from the new Islamabad international Airport.

Significance of Mirpur Industrial Zone

Mirpur Industrial Zone has the latest infrastructure and modern age facilities. The special economic zone in Mirpur will be primarily focusing exports of goods such as textile garments. The government will be specifically focusing on the development of projects such as;

  • Small & Cottage Industries
  • Medium and large Industries
  • Mineral and Forest based Industries
  • Hydel Projects
  • Tourism Potential

Being in the proximity of Pakistani market, the industrial zone in Mirpur is ideal for the medium to large scale industries. Also, it will be able to deliver products to the Northern areas of Pakistan which will promote the tourism industry. The Special Economic Zone of Mirpur is the only one of its kind in the area focused on information and communication technologies (ICT).  With the putting into operation of this enclosure it is intended to develop the trade of the region, as well as to promote the social economy with local producers to strengthen their chain.

Investment Opportunities

There is a great investment opportunity for the businessmen around the world. It will not only attract the local investors but also, it will captivate the interest of foreign traders. With this, without a doubt, a great business and investment potential opens up for the local private initiative due to all the benefits that settling in this area will bring, and definitely also for the real estate sector with an opportunity for investors.

Also, benefits such as tax exemptions will be offered for the industrialists that will encourage them to set up their projects in the area. The initiative seeks to generate privileged spaces for economic growth.

How to get in touch with such?

If you are looking for some CPEC investment opportunities in the area, then you can easily contact us from our email or phone number. We are offering affordable and Gwadar reasonable prices for plots for industrial units. Also, the land acquisition will not be a problem and hassle-free if you are working with us. We have got the best deals for you to invest in the project.

Gwadar Projects

Moqpondass SEZ Gilgit-Baltistan

Moqpondass is a place that is selected for one of the nine Special Economic Zones (SEZs) under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) region of Pakistan occupied Kashmir.If we say that GB is the lifeline of CEPC in Pakistan, then it won’t be wrong. The Moqpondass SEZ is spread over an area of 250 acres and it is ideal for the industries such as marble, mineral and leather. The project is ideally located just 35km from Gilgit and 160 km from Skardu. The project can be approached through Sakardu-Gilgit Highway.

Pakistan’s Board of Investment (BOIs) has approved a 40-km road from Gilgit to the Moqpndass Special Economic Zone in 2019. The construction of the project started immediately after the approval during Prime Minister’s visit to Beijing. The area that will be utilized by the Chinese authorities for Moqpondass SEZ is of 750 acres. Special construction units including cement concrete mixing plants and crusher plants have been set up to assist the development work in the area. A storage area has also been set up to park the earth moving equipment and vehicles.

Significance of Moqpondass SEZ

After the construction of the project and implementation of roads plan, the area will be facilitated with better connectivity to the other areas of the territory. In addition, the political status of the territory will be upgraded by the development of this special economic zone in GB. The project will definitely empower the locals of the area which has a population of over 1.9 million. The strategic and geographical location of Moqpondass SEZ will connect it to China, India, and Afghanistan.It is to be noted that the most important geographical aspect of the region is the Shaksgam tract which is a center of attraction for the locals.

The project will allow the construction of many kinds of industries such as;

  • Marble and granite
  • Iron ore processing
  • Fruit processing and value addition,
  • Steel industry
  • Mineral processing and value addition
  • Leather industry

The growing chemistry between China and Pakistan as well as the interest of Chinese companies in investing in Pakistan is tending to change the geographical importance of the area.

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If you want more details about the price and land acquisition, then you can contact us fir gwadar housing societies. We are a group of companies offering affordable rates for investment opportunities in Special Economic Zones.

Gwadar Projects

Rashakai Economic Zone – M-1 Nowshera

Rashakai Economic Zone is being developed in the Nowshera area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) under the grand China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The project covers an area of 1000 acres out of which 159 acres will be developed in Phase I, 279 acres in phase II and subsequently 264 acres in Phase III. The regulatory body has allocated an area of 76 acres has been allocated. The Rashakai Economic Zone will focus upon the industries such as;

  • Fruit/Food
  • Packaging
  • Textile
  • Stiching/Knitting

This project is under the flagship project of CPEC which and upon its completion, it will strengthen the bond between China and Pakistan. Moreover, the project will definitely contribute to the economy of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Significance of Rashakai Economic Zone

The two major incentives for Rashakai Economic Zone are custom and duty exemption on capital goods and elimination of 1.5 per cent turnover tax. 10MW electricity has been provided for Rashakai SEZ and the provision of another 160MW is under way and the project will be completed by November 2021. This project will not only contribute to the economic growth of the province but also produce employment opportunities for the locals. The project has a vast industrial potential and ideal for the industries such as;

  • Garment and Textile Products
  • Home Building Materials,
  • General Merchandize
  • Electronics and Electrical Appliances
  • Automobile and Mechanical Equipment

Due to the strengths of the nearby districts and resource pool, the Rashakai economic zone has a great investment feasibility for industries in fruit & food processing, packaging and textile.

Recently, a Chinese Steel company, Century Steel Ltd owned by Fuzhou Julitaihe Inter­national that owns steel and iron products of   3000 million tons has been allocated a land of 40 acres with a planned investment of 50 million dollars. The Board of Investment has said that the Chinese company has already mobilized its experts and professionals to channelize the project.

The project will open around 200,000 direct and indirect jobs. The expected investment in Rakashai SEZ is about 347 billion rupees.

Rashakai Economic Zon Location

The Rashakai Economic Zone is situated at a distance of 65 KM from the airport, Dry Port (65 KM), Railway station (25 KM), Motorway, highway (5 KM) and city center (15 KM).A 3.2 KM road is under construction from Wali Interchange to SEZ zero point. It will give easy access to from the Motorway.

Why Rakashai SEZ?

The project will have the capacity to produce 0.25 million tons of steel. The electricity project that will produce 45MW of electricity will solely open 1000 job opportunities. Due to its ideal location and proximity to Turkham border, the project is said to be the game changer for KP.

You can easily contact CPEC investments for further detail. We are ready to assist you with the best affordable prices for Best Housing Scheme gwadar land in Rakashai Special Economic Zone. All you have to do is contact us and we will get you all the information regarding the project that you require.

Gwadar Projects

Bostan Economic Zone Project Detail

Bostan Economic Zone is one of the 16 economic zones developed under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in different parts of Pakistan to boost the economy. This particular project is situated in Balochistan on the Western route of CPEC. It is an integral part of CPEC and spread over an area of 1000 acres of which 200 acres consists of infrastructure. The remaining 800 acres of the Bostan Economic zone will also be developed and provided with the same facilities.

The overall project is of Rs 2.5 billion and the government of Balochistan has embarked it under CPEC.


The Bostan Economic Zone is situated on an ideal location of just 23 KM from Quetta Airport. The N-50 National Highway is also in the proximity. Thus, the location of the project is very suitable for the businesses offering feasible mobility to the labor.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The basic infrastructure of the Bostan Economic Zone has been completed which includes road network, electricity and water supply. The development work in this Special Economic Zone is in its full swing. The development project is underway to boost the economic activities in the area. The development and trade done in the economic zone will assist the whole province in becoming economically stable. There is a zero point facility in the center of the development from whereall the utilities can be availed in addition to which all other basic facilities have been provided such as communication network.


The Bostan Economic Zone will be feasible for the following types of industries;

  • Fruit Processing
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Motor Bikes Assembly
  • Chromite
  • Cooking Oil
  • Ceramic industries
  • Cold storage for fruits and vegetables
  • Electric Appliances
  • Halal food Industry

Investment Opportunities

The special economic zone has a special purpose to boost the economy by attracting investors and industrialists. There is plenty of land available at exceptionally affordable prices with the tax exemption for the next five years. That means; a tremendous opportunity for new businesses. Being an investor, you can easily avail the land and by just paying the price of the land, you can have the occupation. Afterwards, there will be no liabilities and taxes so that your business will have a long time to become profitable.

In addition to that there are many other facilities that are being offered to the investors of this special economic zone such as an investor –friendly visa. There will be duty exemption to the import of plants and machinery to set up the Special Economic Zone.

Choose CPEC Investment

If you are looking to invest in the Bostan Economic Zone, then you can easily contact CPEC Investment. We are here to assist you with acquiring land in any of the Special Economic Zones including this particular Bostan Economic Zone. We are also offering amazing discounts and affordable prices. Project Detail

Gwadar Projects

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone is located in the Thatta area of Sindh and the land was approved by the government of Sindh back in February 2020. The overall project is spread over an area of 1500 acres. The project is being funded by the phase II of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The total worth of the project is $70 billion and it will encourage potential investors from Pakistan, China and other parts of the world. The project will allow businesses to transfer their facilities to Pakistan which will open new jobs and ensure economic boost.

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone Location with Nearby Areas

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone enjoys a very advantageous location which has a direct access to Port Qasim (25km). In addition, Karachi Airport is just at the distance of 35km whereas Karachi City is 50km away. The zone is located just 0.5m from the National Highway and M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad road is just 35km. The close proximity of the project with highways enables goods transportation saving cost and time. The National Highway connects the zone with northern areas of Pakistan as well as Central Asian Countries.

Benefits of Dhabeji Special Economic Zone Investment

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone is being developed under public private partnership. The project will open around 50,000 new job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor. The project offers incomparable incentives. The best part about the project is that one time custom duties exemption would be given on goods that will be imported from other countries by the investors and industrialists. There will be no taxation on the incomes of the workers involved in the development of the project. The agreement of no taxes and exemption will be for the period of 5 years starting from the date of signing.

Also, exemption would be given on custom duties of the import of capital goods for the installation. In addition to that there will be income tax exemption to the enterprises for the next 10 years starting development from 30-06-2030. Furthermore, 5 years duty exemption and tax invasion would be given to the business starting thereafter.

Significance of Dhabeji Special Economic Zone

Due to its ideal geographical and strategic location, the project holds significant importance. As the Port Qasim is in the proximity of this economic zone so it enables import of raw goods conveniently incurring land transportation which saves cost and time. Also, the easy access to the Karachi Airport will allow foreign workers and management individuals to access the zone with ease. Furthermore, the direct access of Dhabeji Economic Zone to National Highway enables transportation to the central Asian countries utilizing National Trade Corridor.

Facilities Offered

There are various initiatives that have been taken in the Dhajbeji Special Economic Zone for the development and provision of facilities in the area. The 8km road that connects Dhabeji Economic Zone with Port Qasim is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. In addition, a dedicated water pipeline is approved by the provincial assembly that, upon completion, will ensure 10 million gallons of water per day. A 11kv grid station is also under its way to completion by the end of 2023 which will provide 250 MWs electricity at the doorstep. A dedicated Sui Gas pipeline is also being constructed that will ensure gas supply of 15 MMCFD.

To make the project accessible to all the important destinations, dedicated cargo deck connecting the zone with ML-1 from Dhabeji Junction has also been envisaged.

Investor Contact Detail

Thus, if you want to invest in bin qasim city gwadar and Dhabeji Special Economic Zone tender, then you can easily contact us and CPEC Investment will ensure that you get the best deals for land acquisition.