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Bostan Economic Zone Project Detail

Bostan Economic Zone is one of the 16 economic zones developed under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in different parts of Pakistan to boost the economy. This particular project is situated in Balochistan on the Western route of CPEC. It is an integral part of CPEC and spread over an area of 1000 acres of which 200 acres consists of infrastructure. The remaining 800 acres of the Bostan Economic zone will also be developed and provided with the same facilities.

The overall project is of Rs 2.5 billion and the government of Balochistan has embarked it under CPEC.


The Bostan Economic Zone is situated on an ideal location of just 23 KM from Quetta Airport. The N-50 National Highway is also in the proximity. Thus, the location of the project is very suitable for the businesses offering feasible mobility to the labor.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The basic infrastructure of the Bostan Economic Zone has been completed which includes road network, electricity and water supply. The development work in this Special Economic Zone is in its full swing. The development project is underway to boost the economic activities in the area. The development and trade done in the economic zone will assist the whole province in becoming economically stable. There is a zero point facility in the center of the development from whereall the utilities can be availed in addition to which all other basic facilities have been provided such as communication network.


The Bostan Economic Zone will be feasible for the following types of industries;

  • Fruit Processing
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Motor Bikes Assembly
  • Chromite
  • Cooking Oil
  • Ceramic industries
  • Cold storage for fruits and vegetables
  • Electric Appliances
  • Halal food Industry

Investment Opportunities

The special economic zone has a special purpose to boost the economy by attracting investors and industrialists. There is plenty of land available at exceptionally affordable prices with the tax exemption for the next five years. That means; a tremendous opportunity for new businesses. Being an investor, you can easily avail the land and by just paying the price of the land, you can have the occupation. Afterwards, there will be no liabilities and taxes so that your business will have a long time to become profitable.

In addition to that there are many other facilities that are being offered to the investors of this special economic zone such as an investor –friendly visa. There will be duty exemption to the import of plants and machinery to set up the Special Economic Zone.

Choose CPEC Investment

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