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bin-qasim-city test Bin Qasim City Gwadar View Details Master plan housing project located
at the ideal location of Gwadar Port City.
bin-qasim-city One of the biggest port cities of the world Gwadar is set to become the next Dubai of Pakistan View Features


Location: Makran Coastal Highway Gwadar

Type: Residential & Commercial Plots

Status: Under Development

Bin Qasim City Gwadar—A Landmark Residential Project

At the outset of the renewable residential landmark of Gwadar, Bin Qasim City adds an aesthetic fabulousness to the cityscape of Gwadar. You can say it the engineering-wise well-planned housing project in the history of Baluchistan urban development. It is the latest and new residential project in Gwadar. This residential scheme so far has 5, 10 & 20 Marla residential plots. CPEC Investment Group of Realtors comes forth to be offering plots for sale for cash payment and an easy installment package plan of 3 years. Bin Qasim City ranks as one of the best and advanced housing schemes in Gwadar. Thanks to its natural geographical location at the seaside, it is a state-of-the-art housing project in Pakistan. Its prime location and provision of all modern amenities make it ideal for living. You can say it a new place for living and investment opportunities in Gwadar.

What Potential Bin Qasim City Holds?

Gwadar is becoming a great postern as a developed city in Pakistan in the wake of emerging vibrant potential. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has already begun to bring an enthusiastic revolution in the real estate sector for the development of Gwadar City. After the historical signatory of CPEC between Pak-China, the foreign and local investors from all over the world. Local and international realtors have started moving their investments in Bin Qasim City. The city will now turn to be one of the most significant epic centers of global trade. To meet the residential needs of Gwadar City, it will be the next paradigm of Gwadar city, which opens gates of affluence for Pakistan. CPEC Investmetn UK-based company that engages the boom and boost of businessmen from all over the country. The project is standout fab for foreigners who are showing interest in the area. With the stringent investment of China and other countries, the property prices in Gwadar are increasing and have gone up to triple since the last few years. Real estate analysts predict that the costs of the properties in Gwadar will keep on increasing, thus alluring investors from all across the globe.

Why Bin Qasim City to Invest in Gwadar?

Gwadar city is expanding rapidly in terms of residential and commercial projects. Since Musharraf’s regime, it’s been more than two decades since the project expansion. So far, more than 60industrial, commercial, and housing projects are selling lands and property in Gwadar. Bin Qasim City has also been enjoying a reputation to meet all regulations and standards defined by the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA). It has recently issued NOC (No Objection Certificates) to Bin Qasim City with distinction. Among the 60 private housing societies, Bin Qasim City stands out to be distinguished in terms of standards and level. International investors are taking an interest in which societies BQ City is one of them in Gwadar.It will soon turn your hundreds-thousands investment into of million. Being situated at the ideal and the most radical location of Gwadar–Bin Qasim City Gwadar presents an amalgam of a residential cum commercial project. The main popularity of BQC is that it has a 700 feet wide borough on Main Jinnah Avenue. It is one of those projects that is approved by GDA and lies into A category scheme. So, suppose you are planning to make your chance to invest in Gwadar. In that case, this society will be the safe choice that would be lucrative to invest in the land around Jinnah Avenue, Coastal Highways, Marine Drive, Airport Road, and Baluchistan Broadway because these are the developments of GDA masterplans.

Project Plan & Structure

Bin Qasim City Gwadar can be considered as an unmatched mega residential project in Baluchistan. It will offer you an exciting opportunity to invest in both commercial and residential areas. For a good reason, it is here at Bin Qasim City. The potential investors will invest in residential plots with perfectly fantastic infrastructure and the endowment of all modern-day and contemporary living facilities necessary for smooth life events. CPEC Investment has attained a good number of plots and amenities that areas 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal small family and big family residential plots depending on your need. We also have some excellent commercial properties of 4 Marla and 8 Marla. You can avail some chancing corner plots with a limited number of the offer. So you can say, CPEC Investment is some extra paces ahead in terms of providing local and foreign stakeholders with investment validities.

Price Range

The price range of residential plots starts from PKR 1,875,000 and goes up to PKR 9,500,000. CPEC Investment can also make arrangements for you to buy the properties in lump-sum amounts or equal installment plans. You will also be offered a special discount coupon in case of full payment. However, commercial plots may not be yielding discounts as there is more competition in commercial areas. We here at CPEC Investment still try our best to provide you best rates of the plots in Bin Qasim City Gwadar. CPEC Investment Gwadar is currently offering the following price range of the plots in the BQ (Bin Qasim) scheme.

  • 5-Marla Residential Plots: Starting Price: PKR 1,875,000
  • 10-Marla Residential Plots: Starting Price: PKR 3,660,000
  • 20-Marla Residential Plots: Starting Price: PKR 6,750,000
  • 4-Marla Commercial Plots: Starting Price: PKR 5,200,000
  • 8-Marla Commercial Plots: Starting Price: PKR 9,500,000

Please be noted that the above price range for the plots is subject to variation. Depending on the situation of the market, the prices may fluctuate. So, it is thenceforth to advise you that you should book your plot at the earliest because the inflation rate in Pakistan is hiking up very rapidly. Thus, without waiting down the graph of the price, you should buy the plot here because there are no chances of a downtrend so far.

Notable Facilities in Bin Qasim City

Bin Qasim City is a completely well-architected city in Gwadar. It is a fully gated community with a boundary wall all around. Good Educational institutes for children and healthcare facilities are largely provided in the city. You can find a great number of sightseeing attractions ideal for photography and worth seeing. State-of-the-art hospitals are also there around the city. Parks and horticulture even glow out their alluring attractions. A central Jamia Mosque is also specially designed by the renowned architect of Pakistan. Instead, that is not all; the other development projects are still going on with a swift pace of progress.


Bin Qasim City is ideally located on the cross-sectional midway of Jinnah Avenue, the Main borough of Gwadar City & Coastal Highway. You can find BQ City just 5 km from the Zero Point Gwadar City to the entrance of BQ City. The current Gwadar domestic Airport also exists around 6 km drive from Bin Qasim City. The proposed one Gwadar International Airport will be only 12 km far from Bin Qasim City. The way to the airport is not twisty; main Jinnah Avenue will take you to the Gwadar International Airport. Pakistan Railway Station, which is proposed to construct to connect the city with the rest of the country, is also in the vicinity. A 140 feet Sarvan broad road covering Bin Qasim Town sectors is the main artery to link it with the Main borough of Gwadar City.

Why Gwadar

Huge Profits from the Pakistan

Pakistan Massive Real Estate Boom

China has invested a whopping $62 Billion in Gwadar, Several individuals and even prominent countries have seen an opportunity and are quickly investing. Don’t be left out.

bin-qasim-city 4
bin-qasim-city price

The Gwadar port is only set to enhance one of the most significant port towns of the world. The development of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will unlock new opportunities of growth and accomplishment in Pakistan. Every year multi-trillion-dollar trade will occur through Gwadar. The port city will enhance the heart of world trade and attract many investors seeking Gwadar property for investment.
After CPEC, Gwadar has grown a land of opportunities presenting numerous commercial, industrial and living property investment options. China is focus on reforming this city into a ‘Smart City’ with state-of-the-art foundation plus high-level technology.


China has funded a massive $62 Billion in PAK Gwadar; several people and even vital countries have seen a chance to promptly investing. Don’t be given out. Now 51 nations from crossed the WORLD who have seen this possibility have come to spend in CPEC. They add great countries like France, Russia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Iran.
This way will deliver Pakistan’s real property area far more relevant than it is present in the medium to long term. The business projects that will lead via this route will lead to economic zones, motels, petrol pumps, restaurants, and many other residential facilities.


The Gwadar project route places it in a meaningful location that provides China also Central Asia entrance to the Gulf zone and the Middle East. This delivers it a financial hub in the status of Dubai, including Shenzhen. When Gwadar port is fully completed, it will suit the main sea gateway for Central Asia. It will now be more apparent to transport advantages from Xinjiang and central Asian nations to other regions.
As early as the construction work performs, more Chinese will favor living in Gwadar. Pakistani executives believe that CPEC will produce upwards of 2.3M positions between 2015 to 2030 and figure 2-2.5% of the country’s yearly economic growth.

The Gwadar port is the gateway to be one of the world’s most extended ports, which will shatter the openings of advancement and success for Pakistan. So many tourists will arrive in Pakistan and would require housing. Gwadar, to become the adjoining Dubai of Pakistan. There is enough to obtain an advantage for those you will take advantage of this chance now. Immigrants have seen the large untapped resources in Gwadar also are instantly investing. Pakistan’s Geographic location importance and Gwadar port attention with its deep warm water set this site an untapped goldmine everywhere the year. This is a golden chance you should not provide to glide away. You can contact us now for more information.

Project Amenities

Shopping Mall

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Payment Plan

Payment Plan (PKR)

Installment Plan​ As Low As

Rs 18000

Per Month

Payment Plan (GBP)

Installment Plan​ As Low As

£ 80

Per Month

Payment Plan (EUR)

Installment Plan​ As Low As

€ 90

Per Month


New Age Developers

We “NEW AGE Developer Pvt Ltd” Chartered Town Planners & Developers are subsidized via way of means of the Creditability and Construction excellence inside the land quarter of  Gwadar Pakistan. The organization is a sporting ahead legacy containing precise dwelling Concepts, extensive initiatives, maximum expert requirements, Exclusive excellent and well-timed delivery, and a method of designing and constructing a thriving residential and industrial industry. Our success has been primarily based totally upon modern architectural and making plans Philosophy, High requirements of Construction, control and Professional group geared to provider delivery. Each of our initiatives at New Age Developer performed after an entire advertisement research all through which we set up customer’s choices and tastes. We strive to accommodate each want of our customers all through the making plans phase. Our making plans, interest to detail, and splendid designs are evident altogether our exploitation leadership and consequently, these became high homes in Pakistan. Fuelled via medians of an severe eagerness to innovate, supply fee and construct trust, the increasing enterprise footprint has unfolded entirely many predominant Pakistan cities. The unwavering thought has usually been to achieve whole consumer satisfaction main to success delivery which are now recognized because the hallmark of latest Age Developers (Pvt) Ltd. Why to possess a society in Gwadar Why now no longer have a society in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad. With Gwadar port & MOU Signing of CPEC & OBOR, the necessity of public housing is there. Gwadar metropolis isnt evolved in housing quarter so far steady with desires of Gwadar port. Due to the fact, the Port could be operational via way of means of stop of 2030, and Residential & Commercial desires of staff could want to be fulfilled. The control of Bin Qasim megalopolis Gwadar has foreseen the Upcoming upward push of demand and that we had lunch Bin Qasim metropolis Gwadar to satisfy residential & industrial desires.